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principal-img "When planning for a year, sow corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. And when planning for life, educate a child." Such is the importance and the usefulness of education expressed in the Chinese proverb. How do we understand education? Is it filling up the mind of a child with humpty number of information? Is it about learning languages and subjects oris it about memorizing the data and parroting the lessons? What is the goal of education? Is it to become a professional figure in society? Or is it a means to earn money and wealth? These are the questions to be asked and understood. As for me, I strongly believe that education is a powerful weapon to achieve the great goal i.e. an overall development of a human person.Hence education is not merely confined to the four walls of the classroom which mainly caters to the intellectual growth but extends to all the areasof life,be it physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual or social,which are required for an integral human development of a person. Education helps one to behave humanly and responsibly, and think powerfully. It teaches one to solve problems, and to face the difficulties of life courageously andin a right manner. Learning does not merely mean learning the academic subjects like science, mathematics, languages, etc. but learning extends to everything and everybody around us. It is an unending process. Hence, education is a process of learning rather than a means of earning. It is an instrument that enriches our thinking and empowers our living. It also becomes a means of successful future and growth in one's professions. No illiterate country is prosperous.
About us Image How pleasant and thrilling it is to recall the past with the great pioneers of St. Philomena Convent High School who sensed the need of the people and took up the challenge to educate children the future with zeal and enthusiasm. Their journey began in 1946, very unassumingly, with a prayer on their lips and in their hearts...A small school, housed in one of the P.P Sanitorium bungalows on Jail Road where four sisters started teaching a few young pupils.

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