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    In minority, joy and simplicity that arise from an experience of divine filiation and of human fraternity, we consecrate ourselves to the praise of God and to the service of the brothers and sisters, in the likeness of St. Francis of Assisi, by establishing fraternal dialogue with the whole of creation, a proclamation of the universal fraternity.


    In the following of Jesus who became a bridge between the Father and humanity, we seek to be a hospitaller presence and an expression of the mercy and tenderness of God, in the world, by receiving everyone without distinction, after the example of Fr. Raimundo and Mother Clara, whose charity knew no limits.


    Participants of the same human condition, daughters of the same celestial Father, nourished by the same Body and Blood of Jesus and congregated in the same Spirit of love, we commit ourselves to live an intense experience of mutual love, union and fraternal sharing, loving one another intensely as God wants.

    Of the Immaculate Conception

    Like the Immaculate Virgin, humble Servant and Mother of the Lord, we offer ourselves to God, with an undivided heart, to make of our life a generous 'yes' and to take Jesus to the world.

  • Mission

    Religious life, just like the Church, does not live for itself, but is a Messenger of God to humanity loved by Him, as a sign of his presence and his caring and provident love.

    The Franciscan Hospitaller Mission is Samaritan, because it reveals the mercy of God, present in the life and mission of Jesus and presented by Him in the parable of the Good Samaritan:

    A man was once on his way down from Jersusalem to Jericho and fell into the hands of bandits; they stripped him, beat him and then made off, leaving him half dead. Now a priest happened to be travelling down the same road, but when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. In the same way a Levite who came to the place saw him, and passed by on the other side. But a Samaritan traveller who came on him was moved with compassion when he saw him. He went up to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them. He then lifted him onto his own mount and took him to na inn and looked after him. The next da, he took out two denarii and handed them to the innkeeper and said "Look after him, and on my way back I will make good any extra expense you (Lk 10: 29-37).
    Afte relating this most beautiful parable, Jesus recommends to us, as at that moment he recommended to the doctor of the law: "Go, and you do likewise."
    Attending to this mandate of Jesus, by our life and mission we will proclaim a God, good, full of tenderness and mercy towards his children, especially the more needy, the abandoned, the destitute, marginalized and without help, the crucified of all the times.
    In the following of the Lord Jesus, our foundress, Sr. Maria Clara, describes our mission in these terms: As Hospitaller Sisters, it is our mission to help those who suffer, with self-sacrifice; and when we cannot do it, we experience indescribable pain!
    And the founder, Fr. Raimundo Beirao, in his sixth circular, confirms the mission pointed out by Sr. Maria Clara to our first Sisters, as a divine revelation:
    The Lord came to our Hospitaller family and said to the Superior: I chose you daughters for this purpose: Come, in my name, among the poor, to explain to them my holy law and how it is to be exercised, not only to render praise to me, but also to know how they should live in this world.
    To live the franciscan hospitaller mission today, is, before anything else, to look at each person as a brother, a sister, guest to love and to receive, to care for, to warm. Our world suffers many pains, is covered with innumerable wounds: individualism, isolation, uncontrollable struggle for power and accumulation of wealth, devaluation of the human person, uprooting, exclusion, meaninglessness; the logic of utilitarianism in social relationships; the logic of profit, in the institutional relationships.
    Hospitality as mission is prophecy of another possible world, by the gestures and practices that inspire and which could be an evangelical answer to the wishes and the thirst of humanity: respect, proximity, welcome acceptance, listening, care, consolation, valuation of life in all the situations and circumstances, inclusion of all in the same embrace of merciful hospitality.

  • Our Founder

    Pe. Raimundo dos Anjos Beirao

    Fr. Raimundo dos Anjos Beirao, apostolic missionary was born in Lisbon in the Parish of Socorro on March 8, 1810. A person with an open, joyful and integral spirit, right from young age gave a witness of His great love for God and for the neighbour, knowing to attend to all the poor and needy with profound simplicity, kindness and great trust in Divine Providence.
    He made his profession in the Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Assisi, in the Convent of Our Lady of Jesus, Lisbon, taking the name of Fr. Raimundo de Santa Maria dos Anjos. On March 2, 1833, he was ordained Priest. Harbouring in his heart the sentiments of true charity, he became for Portugal that what Vincent de Paul was for France of His time. Persecuted by the liberal ideas, he too was a victim of the anti-religious fury that expelled him from the convent in May 1834. However, the vivaciousness of his temperament, the determined spirit and steadfast zeal for the cause of God and the needy, do not permit to rest for a long time. He joins the struggle for life with fresh dynamism and apostolic thrust, which make move untiringly to where there is some Good to be done.
    That very year in 1834, he is appointed Chaplain of the Royal Amry. He was also the Chaplain of the Recolhimento of Our Lady of the Rose, an Institution that dedicated itself to shelter the unprotected and abandoned children. Soon, a the beginning of his priestly life, he created in Lisbon the Association of the Son of St. Cajetan, meant for instruction and catechism of the poor children, who in turn, dedicated themselves to the assistance of the indigent. Fr. Raimundo also took the responsibility of sending young boys with vocation, to the Colegio Portugues in Rome to prepare themselves for the priesthood.
    He obtained fame as an orator, having gone through the whole country preaching, and helped the community of the Capuchinhas of Our Lady of Conception of Aldeia Galega (present Montijo, Ribatejo), which later became the origin of the Congregation. He died at the age of 68 in the Convent of Trinas, on July 13, 1878, victim of a malignant sickness.

  • Our Foundress

    Sister Maria Clara do Menino Jesus

    Sr. Maria Clara do Menino Jesus (Libania do Carmo Galvao Mexia de Moura Teles e Albuquerque) was born in the bosom of a noble family, on June 15, 1843, in the Quinta do Bosque - Amadora, near Lisbon. Her parents were Nuno Tomas de Mascarenhas Galvao Mexia de Moura Telles e Albuquerque and Maria da Purificacao de Sa Carneiro Duarte Ferreira. She was baptized in the Church of Our Lady of Amparo Benfica, on September 2, 1843.
    Having become an orphan from the age of 13/14, Libania always showed to possess an active and independent spirit, a strong temperament, a deep spirituality and solid firmness of character, cemented by innumerable difficulties and much suffering which she had to face during the course of her life:
    » the death of her granduncle in her own house, and that of her little brother Rui
    » the loss of her mother, victim of cholera, in 1856 and that of the father as a consequence of yellow fever in 1857
    » Being a boarder in the Asilo Real of Ajuda, destined for the orphans of noble families and managed by the French Daughters of Charity (Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul)
    » The outbreak of a fire in old palace of Ajuda, where the Asilo had been established
    » The expulsion of the Sisters, her teachers, in 1862 and the consequent change of residence to the palace of the Marquises of Valada, where she lived five years, continuing her preparation for her social environment - of nobility.
    In spite of being treated as a daughter, above all by the Marchioness, a friend of her parents, Libania felt within her a force that impelled her to a higher ideal. The cry of those who had nothing and nobody challenged her life. She goes in search of Religious Life as a means to surrender herself totally to the service of the more needy. After a luxurious life, contrasting with the poverty and misery of the society of her time, she took shelter in 1867, as a hostelite, in the Houses of St. Patricio, with the Capuchinhas, guided by Fr. Beirao.
    Having clearly understood the call of the Lord, in 1869, she received the habit of Capuchinha of Our Lady of Conception and was named Sr. Maria Clara ao Menino Jesus. On February 10, 1870, at the request of Fr. Beirao she left for the Convent of Our Lady of Seven Sorrwos, in Calais - France, to do her Novitiate, with the intention of later starting a new Congregation in Portugal.
    She made her profession on April 14, 1871, in France and returned to her Motherland on May 1, of this year, as Local Superior and with the faculty of starting in St. Patricio, a Novitiate affiliated to Calais, charges which she takes over three days later.
    The first Community was thus founded in St. Patricio - Lisbon on May 3, 1871 and five years later, on March 27, 1876, the Congregation was already approved by the Apostolic See. During the course of 28 years, presiding over the destiny of the Congregation, she received around 1000 Sisters and with them she became a Pioneer of social action in her country, started more than 142 works, distributed among hospitals, domicile nursing, creches, primary and high schools, assistance to the children and the elderly, soup kitchens and others. In these institution, the poor, the sick, the abandoned of all type, the despised of her time, were able to recognize the love and the care of women dedicated entirely to the service of the more needy, experiencing the tenderness and mercy of God.
    Her most frequent exhortation: "Let us work with love and for love" was the synthesis of her life. Only charity was her guide. The whole of her life was spent working continuously "to do good, where there is good to be done", motto of the action of the Institute founded by her. This same action was progressively extended to Angola, Goa, Guinea and Cabo Verde.
    Sr. Maria Clara do Menino Jesus died in the Convent of Trinas in Lisbon on December 1, 1899, with 56 years of age, victim of a cardiac illness, asthma and pulmonary lesion. She was buried three days later, in the cemetery of Prazeres, accompanied by a large crowd of faithful who recognized her holiness. Buried in the Cemetery of Prazeres, she was transferred to the Convento of Santo Antonio in Caminha in 1954 and from 1988 rests in the crypt of the Mother House of the Congregation in Linda-a-Pastora, Queijas, the Patriarchate of Lisbon, where innumerable devotees flock to implore her intercession with God.

  • Congregation-Emblem

    Emblem: Coat of arms and seal of the Congregation.
    Lozenge: Shape of the emblem, proper of ladies.
    Five Wounds: Evocation to the wounds of Christ, used in the franciscan coat of arms.
    Heraldic star: Symbol of Holy Virgin Mary.
    Burning Lamp: Symbol of the oil that soothes the pain and sustains the flame that illuminates and warms.
    Cross of Christ: Cross of the ancient ships with masts, element with the Portuguese and missionary mark.
    Motto: Situated at the base of the emblem and outside it, interprets its meaning:
    Lucere - To be luminous and to illuminate, like reflection of the light of God.
    Fovere - To warm, protect, care for, promote life.

  • Welcome To Our School

    How pleasant and thrilling it is to recall the past with the great pioneers of St. Philomena Convent High School who sensed the need of the people and took up the challenge to educate children the future with zeal and enthusiasm. Their journey began in 1946, very unassumingly, with a prayer on their lips and in their hearts...A small school, housed in one of the P.P Sanitorium bungalows on Jail Road where four sisters started teaching a few young pupils.

  • Our Vision and Mission


    We, the Franciscan
    Hospitaller Sisters,
    provide quality education
    through the dedicated teamwork
    with our lay collaborators
    in a Christian environment
    to nurture godly, disciplined,
    morally responsible and enterprising
    citizens who will be an asset
    and a transforming agent
    to the society at large.


    The Franciscan Hospitaller
    Sisters of the Province of
    Our Lady of the Mount, as a
    Consecrated and Prophetic Community
    with Lay collaborators
    are called to EDUCATE
    the young, especially the poor
    and to establish God's
    kingdom of justice and peace
    collaborating with the local Church,
    in the spirit of Blessed Maria Clara,
    and Fr. Raimundo, our founders
    under the guidance of
    St. Francis of Assisi, our Patron.

  • School Badge

    The Coat of arms of the school bears a book which is
    a symbol of knowledge and inscribed on its pages are
    the words of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma
    Gandhi, "The end of all Knowledge must be the
    Building up of Character." Indeed, this is what
    education is meant to be - not just an accumulation of
    knowledge, but the ability to use this knowledge for
    the development of one's character. And this brings
    Light into a world that is plagued by the darkness of
    ignorance and prejudice, symbolized by the burning
    candle. Every Philomenite is therefore inspired to
    carry the light of knowledge gained in the school to a
    world that seeks peace, harmony and warmth.

  • School Anthem

    High we uphold the light of St. Philomena
    Burning bright and blue.
    Torch bearers of our Alma Mater,
    Onward we march to spread its glory
    All the world through.

    Our banners we will raise,
    To enlighten and encourage,
    Our service and faith,
    As our motto we proclaim,
    Forever and ever again.

    High we uphold the light of St. Philomena
    Burning bright and blue.
    Unity, peace and justice we seek
    For us and the entire nation
    The Lord will see us through.

    Our banners we will raise,
    To enlighten and encourage,
    Our service and faith,
    As our motto we proclaim,
    Forever and ever again (3).

  • Former Principals

    Sr. No. Name of the Principal sisters Year
    1 Sr. Julia Coates (Flora) June 1946 - May 1951
    2 Sr. Anna Susanna Fernandes (Fatima) June 1951 - May 1953
    3 Sr. Mary Amata D'Cruz June 1953 - 1954
    4 Sr. Helen Henriques (Luiza) June 1954 - May 1956
    5 Sr. Elize Velloz (Alice) June 1956 - May 1961
    6 Sr. Joan D'Souza (Goretti) June 1961 - May 1962
    7 Sr. Norah D'Lima (Elsa) June 1962 - May 1966
    8 Sr. Dolcie Rana (Leonie) June 1966 - May 1977
    9 Sr. Rose Rana (Assumption) June 1977 - May 1980
    10 Sr. May D'Mello (Veronica June 1980 - May 1982
    11 Sr. Piola Fernandes (Nirmala) June 1982 - May 1986
    12 Sr. Muriel D'Souza June 1986 - Dec 1987
    13 Sr. Norah D'Lima (Elsa) Jan 1988 - Oct 1989
    14 Sr. Theresa Carmel Fernandes (Clarisse) Nov 1989 - May 1993
    15 Sr. Epifania D'Souza May 1993 - May 2001
    16 Sr. Delphine Almeida June 2001 - May 2003
    17 Sr. Fatima Menezes June 2003 - May 2004
    18 Sr. Maria D'Souza June 2004 - May 2007
    19 Sr. Jennifer Greig June 2007 - Sep 2013
    20 Sr.Velankanni Metilda Sep 2013 - May 2015
    21 Sr. Maria DSouza June 2015 - May 2017

  • From The Principal's Desk

    "Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." -- William Arthur Ward

    God gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.

    The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. Herbert Spencer

    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle

    Education is backbone of society and is largely responsible for is upliftment. Gandhi was a critic of traditional education and viewed that "By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit." By education, Gandhi meant the improvement of morality within a student. Without being bookish, a student should adopt certain moral ethical codes like truth, nonviolence, charity and so on which will illumine his character. Thus a character building through education was a prime concern for Gandhi.

    Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

    In conclusion, it may be said that education not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It was seen as an instrument to serve the purpose of the all round development of individual personalities and the needs of the nation and over all at the global to be lover of nature and creator and in becoming one with the creator.

  • Staff Members

    K.G. SECTION 2020 - 2021

    Sr. No. Name Std. / Div

    PRIMARY SECTION 2020 - 2021

    Sr. No. Name Std. / Div Designation Qualification
    1 Tr. Ruchita Toppo 1 A Class Teacher
    2 Tr. Dipti Jadhav 1 B Class Teacher
    3 Tr. Priyanka Pagar 1 C Class Teacher
    4 Tr. Priya Bejo 2 A Class Teacher
    5 Tr. Pooja Rane 2 B Class Teacher
    6 Tr. Deepika Mate 2 C Class Teacher
    7 Tr. Amrapali Bhalerao 3 A Class Teacher
    8 Tr. Rupa Roy 3 B Class Teacher
    9 Tr. Amrapali Pawar 3 C Class Teacher
    10 Tr. Nita Kakad 4 A Class Teacher
    11 Tr. Neelam Khare 4 B Class Teacher
    12 Tr. Sunita Chourasia 4 C Class Teacher
    13 Tr. Rushali Khatale Subject Teacher
    14 Tr. Jyoti Dewani Subject Teacher
    15 Tr. Carolina D’Silva Subject Teacher
    16 Sir. Sagar Zankar Subject Teacher
    17 Sir. Rajendra Gangurde Subject Teacher

    SECONDARY SECTION 2020 - 2021

    Sr. No. Name Std. / Div Designation Qualification
    1 Tr. Margaret Noronha 5 A Class Teacher
    2 Tr. Saroj Kunal Bacchav 5 B Class Teacher
    3 Tr. Divya Rathod 5 C Class Teacher
    4 Tr. Harshala Medhe 6 A Class Teacher
    5 Tr. Priya Hire 6 B Class Teacher
    6 Tr. Sujata Yeole 6 C Class Teacher
    7 Tr. Vinita Swamy 7 A Class Teacher
    8 Tr. Balwinder Kaur Belly 7 B Class Teacher
    9 Tr. Anita Kannan 7 C Class Teacher
    10 Tr. Shashi Singh 8 A Class Teacher
    11 Tr. Lourd Mary Joseph 8 B Class Teacher
    12 Tr. Neha Vaidya 8 C Class Teacher
    13 Tr. Grace Ohal 9 A Class Teacher
    14 Tr. Samina Shaikh 9 B Class Teacher
    15 Tr. Dimple Malhotra 9 C Class Teacher
    16 Tr. Blessy Jolly 10 A Class Teacher
    17 Tr. Jessy Sanoj 10 B Class Teacher
    18 Tr. Kalpana Nagare 10 C Class Teacher
    19 Tr. Prema Katale Subject Teacher
    20 Sir. FrancisWaghmare Subject Teacher
    21 Sir. Sagar Zankar Subject Teacher
    22 Tr. Asmita Bundele Subject Teacher
    23 Tr. Carolina D’Silva Subject Teacher
    24 Sir. Ashok Mojad Subject Teacher
    25 Tr. Anita Patil Subject Teacher
    26 Sir. Rajendra Gangurde Subject Teacher

    CLERICAL STAFF 2020 - 2021

    Sr. No. Name
    1 Mr. Vasant Patole
    2 Mrs. Severine Fernandes
    3 Miss. Jyoti Dewani
    4 Miss. Pauline Bramhane

    MAINTENANCE STAFF 2020 - 2021

    Sr. No. Name
    1 Mr. Balu Lalwani
    2 Mrs. Joycee Makasare
    3 Mrs. Shanti Nanak
    4 Mr. Rajendra Kedare
    5 Mr. Rakesh Bhosle
    6 Mrs. Pramodini Dive
    7 Mrs. Nutan Torne
    8 Mr. Hiraman Raut
    9 Mr. Ganesh Gawli
  • Parent Teacher Association


    Sr. No. Std. Parents Name
    1 I Mr. Sandeep .G . Gaikwad
    2 X Mrs. Ketna Jaikumar Makwana
    3 II Mrs. Rohini Deshmukh
    4 III Mr. Milind Tilay
    5 IV Mrs. Jyotsna Shyam Mahale
    6 V Mr. Prashant Dilip Sonawane
    7 VI Mrs. Uma Sharma
    8 VII Mr. Santosh Baburao Bhosle
    9 VIII Mrs. Manisha Avhad
    10 IX Mr. Sanjay Padwal

  • The Student Council

    Year 2020 - 2021


    Sr. No. Name Std. / Div
    1 Mst. Sudarshan Karpe HEAD BOY
    2 Mst. Akshay Navsare ASST HEAD BOY
    3 Miss Priyanka Ganesh Mapari HEAD GIRL
    4 Miss Bhumika Chaudhari ASST HEAD GIRL


    Sr. No. Name Std. / Div
    1 Miss Vaishnavi Gupta CAPTAINS SAPPHIRE HOUSE (BLUE)
    2 Mst. Manas Tuljapurkar CAPTAINS TOPAZ HOUSE (YELLOW)
    3 Miss Aneshwaa Balkrishna Ahire CAPTAINS TOPAZ HOUSE (YELLOW)
    4 Mst. Mayur Chaudhari CAPTAINS RUBY HOUSE (RED)
    5 Miss Anushka Sawant CAPTAINS RUBY HOUSE (RED)
    7 Miss Khushi Aringale CAPTAINS EMERALD HOUSE (GREEN)
    8 Mst. Atharva Sukdeo Ugale CAPTAINS SAPPHIRE HOUSE (BLUE)


    Sr. No. Name Std. / Div
    1 Mst. Anuj Mundada VICE CAPTAINS RUBY HOUSE (RED)
    2 Miss Jiya Karankal VICE CAPTAINS RUBY HOUSE (RED)
    6 Miss Francesca Joseph VICE CAPTAIN SAPPHIRE HOUSE (BLUE)
    8 Miss Shreya Lingayat VICE CAPTAIN TOPAZ HOUSE (YELLOW)

  • Campus Tour


    1. The school has a well equipped Library with over 20,000 books accessible to children throughout the day for reference.
    2. It is mandatory for each child to spend one class each week in the library.
    3. Pupils and staff who use the library are bound by the rules and regulations of the library.
    4. Strict silence must be observed at all times while in the library.
    It provides facilities to acquire knowledge and reading proficiency. The Reading Rooms contain books, covering a wide range of subjects and interests, both for reference and for borrowing for home reading. A judicious selection of newspapers and magazines, both Indian and Foreign, in English as well as in Hindi, is also available for browsing and as an aid to general knowledge and current information requirements. The Library is managed by the Librarian, and class Library Monitors.




  • School Trips


    Sr. No. Year Student Name Percentage
    1 2018-2019 Miss Padma Iyer 91.60 %
    2 2017-2018 RASHMI CHORDIYA 95.40 %
    3 2016-2017 Verma Mayur Samir 93.60 %
    4 2016-2017 Chaudhari Tejas Sanjay 95.60 %
    5 2015 - 16 Miss. Chetna Chandramore 97.20 %
    6 2014 -15 Miss. Riya Disawal 96 %
    7 2014 Ekta Panjwani 95.20 %
    8 2013 Aditya Tapase 94.91 %
    9 2012 Bhaktija Dange 95.27 %
    10 2011 Prasad Mukesh Gopal 93.82 %
    11 2010 Tejas Phulkar 94.36 %
    12 2009 Sachi Bhutada 92 %
    13 2008 Bhagyashree Bachhav 91.53 %
    14 2007 Rajas Prasad 89.23 %
  • Automatic sanitizer machine

    Kartik Wakchaure from class 10 'C' made a project on Automatic sanitizer machine.

  • Examination System

    1. There are two, semesters examinations, namely Summative Evaluation- one in October and the second in April.
    2. Pupils will also be assessed during the year on the basic of Formative evaluation.
    3. Rules of promotion are applicable as per the Directives of the Education Department.
    The history of free and compulsory education in India can be traced back from Vedic age to the present constitutional amendment "Right to Education Act"2009.
    A quick review of Indian Cultural history very clearly reveals that through years and years many schools of thoughts have left their impact on our education and evaluation systems. These thought processes were largerly tailored to cater to the demands of their time. The present generation has changed along with the time and therefore our education system has gone through much required and much awaited metamorphosis.
    CCE is about shifting the focus of learning from rote memorization to internalization of concept. It is about replacing marks with grades.
    Education, they say is meant to bring the best out of a learner, and since this is a continuous process, a continuous evaluation system is adopted to check the effectiveness of the learning process.
    The learners are to be regularly assessed, weak areas to be identified, remedial action to be deployed and further effectiveness of the methodology so adopted to be assessed.
    At the core of this transformation is the belief that evaluation which till now has largely been seen as an end of the learning exercise be made an integrated part of teaching, learning process, whereby reducing the anxiety and stress related to session or term ending examinations. Therefore:
    1. Parents are expected to co-operate willingly and generously with all the activities involved in the teaching-learning process to ensure that every child, blossoms to the fullest and learns the best.
    2. A Cumulative Record Booklet will be maintained by the school for students from Std. I right up to Std. VIII and will be handed over to parents after the completion of their elementary education. (ie. Std.VIII) If the Child has to leave school on account of a transfer the Book will be handed over to the parent.
    3. The personal information of your child provided by you to the school has to be genuine and authentic.
    4. A special portfolio file will be maintained for each child which will contain important achievements and progress your child has made during the year.
    5. The CCE system will appreciate the need for holistic assessment and encourage the children to develop skills in all areas.

  • Competitive

    Sr. No. Name of the Olympiad Std.
    1 International Olympiad Of English Language 82
    2 International Science Olympiad 39
    3 International Maths Olympiad 78
    4 International GK Olympiad 39

  • School Timing

    7:40 am to 1:45 pm
    » The First Bell will be rung at 7:30 am.
    » The Warning bell will be rung at 7:35 am.
    » The School Gates will be closed after the warning bell.
    10:30 am to 10:50 am
    Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
    Saturday - 8:00 am to 11:00 am
    Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 11:00 am
    (1st to 15th of every month)
    9:30 am to 10:30 am
    Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 noon


    1. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities In their insistence upon punctuality, discipline, personal cleanliness and completion of detail school work and assignments.

    2. The school curricular and co- curricular activities are under the supervision of the Principal. All matters pertaining to the school should be addressed to the Principal.

    3. Parents are requested to read the school calendar carefully and follow the guidelines.

    4. Parents are informed that occasional remarks by the teacher or the Principal are made in the Calendar. Parents should sign them.

    5. Parents must fill in the Absence / leave record pages in case of absence/leave.

    6. Parents may meet the staff with the permission of the Principal by prior appointment. Parents should not go direct to the class to meet the pupil or the teacher.

    7. Parents should not encourage private tutors. Academic problems of the pupils should be discussed with the teacher concerned.

    8. Parents may contact the Principal for assistance in the these class matters

    9. Parents should bring serious disputes between their child and others, to the attention of the Principal and not take law in their own hands.

    10. Parents should attend the Open Days.

    11. Parents should encourage their children to participate in the curricular activities indicated in the school diary section of the calendar.

    12. Parents should control the Use of Internet, Radio / TV and should encourage the child to listen and watch educational programmes in English.

    13. Gifts to the school authorities and staff are strictly prohibited.

    14. Persistent insubordination , gross indiscipline, irregular attendance, a week’s absence without prior intimation, copying at the tests/ examinations, consistently poor academic performance, disrespect for the National Anthem and truancy will render a pupil liable for dismissal.

    15. Parents/ Guardians should notify the school immediately about a change of address/ telephone numbers through a written entry in the calendar.

    16. All the correspondence with the school should clearly state the name, class, division and roll number of the child.

    17. Parents, when called are obliged to meet the teachers to take note of how they can help their children in their academic progress.

    18. No students is permitted to bring mobiles, cameras, iPods , I Pads, CD's , Pen drives etc... to school. Parents should check their school bags before they leave home.

    19. Parents are not permitted to come with Tiffin during the recess and should see that the children carry the same in their school bags.

  • Alumni


    Please provide the following information to join the Ex. Student Directory

    Ex. Student Registration Form
    Year Of Passing and Class
    Permanent Address
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    Write Security Code As Shown

  • Contact Us

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    phone Phone: +91 253 2455474
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