1. There are two, semesters examinations, namely Summative Evaluation- one in October and the second in April.
2. Pupils will also be assessed during the year on the basic of Formative evaluation.
3. Rules of promotion are applicable as per the Directives of the Education Department.


The history of free and compulsory education in India can be traced back from Vedic age to the present constitutional amendment "Right to Education Act"2009.

A quick review of Indian Cultural history very clearly reveals that through years and years many schools of thoughts have left their impact on our education and evaluation systems. These thought processes were largerly tailored to cater to the demands of their time. The present generation has changed along with the time and therefore our education system has gone through much required and much awaited metamorphosis.

CCE is about shifting the focus of learning from rote memorization to internalization of concept. It is about replacing marks with grades.
Education, they say is meant to bring the best out of a learner, and since this is a continuous process, a continuous evaluation system is adopted to check the effectiveness of the learning process.

The learners are to be regularly assessed, weak areas to be identified, remedial action to be deployed and further effectiveness of the methodology so adopted to be assessed.

At the core of this transformation is the belief that evaluation which till now has largely been seen as an end of the learning exercise be made an integrated part of teaching, learning process, whereby reducing the anxiety and stress related to session or term ending examinations. Therefore:

1. Parents are expected to co-operate willingly and generously with all the activities involved in the teaching-learning process to ensure that every child, blossoms to the fullest and learns the best.

2. A Cumulative Record Booklet will be maintained by the school for students from Std. I right up to Std. VIII and will be handed over to parents after the completion of their elementary education. (ie. Std.VIII) If the Child has to leave school on account of a transfer the Book will be handed over to the parent.

3. The personal information of your child provided by you to the school has to be genuine and authentic.

4. A special portfolio file will be maintained for each child which will contain important achievements and progress your child has made during the year.

5. The CCE system will appreciate the need for holistic assessment and encourage the children to develop skills in all areas.